New Projects, new work… New Patreon!


Friends, followers and curious eyes will want to check out my new art and content on the artist sponsorship site

I’m exited to have a space dedicated to regular monthly content delivery direct to you, gentle reader. A space where monthly content will always be available, where you can look into my studio and it’s ongoing projects at will, and have access to process videos, warmup sketches, HD full color works you can download, and also merchandize! Every 1 dollar pledge helps me produce more work and present it to viewers on a consistent, monthly basis.

I have to admit, this launch has been on a kind of standby for months now, delayed only by my own irrational fears. You know, that voice we all have that cries, “why bother dude? Nobody cares…blah blah blah..”


Fortunately, my excitement to share the new content I have been creating for the audience I believe is out there is stronger than the fears of Resistance pushing against my better nature and my purpose in the world. So here I go giving it a try. Join me, huh?


A new “Stagefright” keyframe — WIP


This was extremely fun to make. I remember how at Colossal Studio many of us were fascinated with a number of in camera effects we could use to mimic reflections in motion, even if the characters are 2d. I see ways I can use it as a storytelling frame of reference.

This is a moment of being cloud off form the kids on his street who’d be playing with go-carts of dirt bikes at the time of day I would have Music lessons. The kid has a moment before his Mom starts the car and pulls away, where he realizes that the life of a musician was going to get in the way of his old boyhood joys. First, baby-taste of sacrifice. The artist makes a choice.