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Friends, followers and curious eyes will want to check out my new art and content on the artist sponsorship site

I’m exited to have a space dedicated to regular monthly content delivery direct to you, gentle reader. A space where monthly content will always be available, where you can look into my studio and it’s ongoing projects at will, and have access to process videos, warmup sketches, HD full color works you can download, and also merchandize! Every 1 dollar pledge helps me produce more work and present it to viewers on a consistent, monthly basis.

I have to admit, this launch has been on a kind of standby for months now, delayed only by my own irrational fears. You know, that voice we all have that cries, “why bother dude? Nobody cares…blah blah blah..”


Fortunately, my excitement to share the new content I have been creating for the audience I believe is out there is stronger than the fears of Resistance pushing against my better nature and my purpose in the world. So here I go giving it a try. Join me, huh?


Alex Toth, in bold clear large print is a revelation of dexterity and joy.

The magic effect of a good comic page is well documented, and unassailable. I know for me me, I just go to comments like your that lived in LA every year just for the experience of handling original comments pages with my own pain and being able to look at them look at the pot of the artists voice unfiltered and coming directly at me. Like we were having personal conversations almost at a moment where they were at their best most loquacious and interesting. So while I’m not a collector I’m still admire richness I don’t know the heritage I guess the comics as an art form the artists involved the world that they lived in Grubman and the comments that came out of their experiences and circumstances.

Look, no question: that is all so fascinating, and even pre-internet searching I would get totally sidetracked from my drawing practice and from pushing myself as an artist or whatever — I call it following Alice and a Rabbit down a hole. But Animation’s history, seeing where one falls in the line of inheritance of this thing you knew as a kid you couldn’t define but you knew you understood it. Ink placed artfully enough on a blank surface has SO MUCH power.

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From Dean Mullaney and Bruce Canwell

Every week for me I as a kid we’d see Calvin and Hobbes (Every Sunday) and just be reminded that these tiny panels were one of the most significant things in our week.

calvinandhobbes1Each comic communicated more in four panels than the TV I consumed or the lessons grownups tried to impress me with, which after a certain point in your adolescent years becomes life’s background noise, much more than my teacher ever did about what it really means to be alive in the 20th century free world. Speaking of Rabbit holes where did I get offtrack? I’m just saying before I discovered Toby and Kubert and Frazetta, Suydam and Wrightson, I was watching shows on the tube that made me exited about drawing and tale-spinning, like The Arabian Knights, anyone remember that? Check YouTube. There was the Herculoids, which changed my brain chemistry forever, Space Ghost. And Johnny Quest, and a few others that spoke the secret language of line and space the same way Comics did. It was thrilling to recognize this as a kid, btw and thrills, for the Creative brain are like fertilizer on a field of good soil. Whatever seeds have been planted get kicked up levels.

So, I have these Sunday newspaper strip experiences of being enlightened by one artist persons thoughts and ideas  put so distinctly and clearly using just the unlikely visual algorithm of tones on black against paper. And just like any enthusiast of comments I got into the behind-the-scenes and  lore of the artists because I was fascinated with what produced all the all the visions they had put on the pages of my favorite comics and books. The power they wielded seemed like something of mythic significance in my kid-brain. That brain dominates most of our psyches for a lifetime, so embrace it within reason, right?



I know too much ramble. Get to the point of the post, Homeboy. I just received my hardcover copy Genius Illustrated – The Life And Art Of Alex Toth and wanted  everyone who wasn’t years ahead of me on this book’s release to just SEE it up close, on paper. Come by and look at mine if you like, but check it out! It’s the Illustration volume of a three volume set covering this influential cat’s whole artistic journey across media. A subject I’m always interested in, as well.



The printing was a labor of passion and respect, so it’s like those early days at LA Comic Cons poring over every artists’ originals and feeling the wit and ILLUS_Conanshould of these people coming through in the spaces between black areas within frame after frame of narrative art.

You have to see for yourself what I mean, here, but it’s so cool when you can read about a dude you respected even before his name could be attached to the work already tattooed on your inner eye because of TV.













All Alex’s notes are there, along with his amazing storytelling skill with single and sequential statements. The size helps. I love being able to take in the career and life of a great virtuoso in Illustration and check out his art at the same time. There’s triumph and disappointment in every life well lived, I know, but seeing the magnitude and volume of his output just floors me.










Of course there are many books in print reproducing his work, so I’m saying nothing new. This guy was so prolific, so sought after and so influential on  several eras of animate, illustration and film work it’s not possible not to have felt the ripples he produced in his career. Since I have so much of his animation related art in my studio, it’s going to be a delight to read up on his illustration career, and get another piece of his vision up close.