What’s Happening Now? The projects!

About what I am up to now…

Alright, so shooting and editing a video for my patreon “campaign” is not going as quickly as I expected. Surprise! My idea was to put it all in that video, the pitch, the artwork and reference, philosophical rants and theories…. the works

So has gotten mired in digital strings of pure indecision, so instead let me simply walk you through what’s brewing in the studio and what you’ll find on my Patreon site:

Outside of my work stuff, which I’m obligated to shut up about, I’m working towards a finished full color book of science fiction/fantasy stories each set in the world of Oasis, which some of you may already know about.

So with the help of friends and supporters, people who love content coming directly fro the artist, I will be making web animation content for two very different ideas. The firsts based in a future that’s neither utopia nor distopia, but a new reality altogether.

1. ) “The Way Of The Weaver”

The Way Of the Weaver takes place in a distant future where mankind is just rebuilding civilization after a near extinction level event occurs in 2026, at the moment Manmade digital intelligence was poised to solve all our world problems. Population growth has reached a critical tipping point and there’s food and water shortages all around the world.tumblr_mzrbwrQgRX1su85gro1_500

The AI is asked to examine the substrates of matter, to rerrange subatomic particles so that molecular assembling machines could be constructed, to make food we would never run out of…

Short film Consumed from the great Andreas Wannerstedt on Vimeo.

So, inspired by what current science is up to, like the above artists’  video, I imagined the AI looked into the heart of creation — at the plank scale, closeup and learned something about the nature of Reality which changed it forever. it’s revealed that Technology is a life form all it’s own, with the need to evolve. (something I believe)  6a4f6da8-c646-4866-8f68-e3ee9c06f14f-1275x2040

Basically, Man’s highest achievement met Mother Nature herself , and decided to… FUSE with her!

That day, computer electronics shut down. All digital technology goes offline at once. The 1st World fell into chaos. Modernized nations fell to outbreaks of a new illness. Man once again nearly went extinct.


In the aftermath, human population is reduced to a few thousand in the first world. Just a  remnant starting history over, from scratch.

Only those people farthest from the matrix of modernity made it through the cataclysm.

Those tribal people Modern man had not yet driven out of existence, living in the uninhabitable places… The Steppes, deserts, mountains and cliffs. The rain forests.

roof  jimmy_nelson

photographs-of-vanishing-tribes-before-they-pass-away-jimmy-nelson-3__880-1 MAORI_waterfalls_new

Photography by the amazing Jimmy Nelson above.

Kalahari Desert, South Africa-October 2006: Shoot with Kalahari San Bushmen in conjunction with Lion Television Productions for Discovery Atlas series. The shoot examines 2 days in the shooting schedule. The film attempts to portray aspects of traditional life for the Bushmen people. It examines a long hunt involving the 4 men and also a trance dance which is traditionally done to ensure a good hunt, certain weather etc. The dance helps to gird the Bushmen for the taxing exertion of the hunt. the 4 main protagonists were as follows: Hans Witboy, 23, he is the youngest of the 4. Buks Hendrik Kruiper, 50, he has an element of red to his loin cloth and very slitted eyes. Isak Kruiper, 48, is often the leader of the group. He wears an animal skin hat in the pictures. Abijong Kruiper, 63, is the oldest member and he stands often on one leg while waiting, resting one leg on the other. Pictures by Brent Stirton for the Discovery Channel.

Brent Stirton for Discovery

The remotest, parts of the globe where Nature — not Man — has dominion over life and death.


During the accent twentieth century we called them a word loaded with complex feelings: Primitives.

Down the road I hope to archive resources for learning about the subject — this is my cognitive limit for the moment, For more about the protagonist’s cultures just google these:Untitled 2Untitled 5

When things fell apart in the world’s high-tech populations, the indigenous communities, hidden at insane altitudes and deep in the rain forest and on the faces of sea cliffs at the edges of the world. They went mostly untouched. The cataclysm hit the Grid. And, they were’t part of any grid. Well perhaps a different grid kept them going. But more on that in the stories.

Way Of The Weaver wider project is all about them.

Untitled 6 Untitled 3

Each story takes place in one of these remote spots on our planet — as people from these places discover and begin to make a tool of wild, new forms of nature manifesting all around them on Earth.

What about the digital stories? Well, since you asked, here’s


WW_Teas_0005_Group 1

A ramshackle settlement for artisans in a desert oasis comes under attack by an ancient piece of military ordinance from the distant past, set to destroy ancient enemy settlements in the Middle East. Two young artisans use weaving abilities to stop it dead.

Three main CHARACTERS:


AIzshah, seventy-one, is the last of the Gujarat Rabari tribal families, of India’s forest peoples.  A grandmaster artisan of embroidery, Alzshah was forced to flee, and together with her Spinners and loom she started a new life, working the craft across Asia and later, Africa.


When we find her the old Weaver has joined with a settlement in the Okavongo Desert oasis in Namibia. Surrounded by desert in all directions. It’s a place called, in some languages “Big Thirst” .

okavango-delta-satellite-image-science-source ft_hdr.3

Tsonga, twenty-four, Himba People. 

edbell_Costume_concpt_RobesTsonga was just a child when Alzshah found her. Tsonga’s talent in weaving And her uncommon strength serve as protection for the old weaver as they travel the forests and deserts in search of other tribes to give aid to in the region. She has come to think of Alzshah as mother/teacher.

KABIYE is a Nuba woman of eighteen, found after poachers decimated her town in Northern Namibia.

Weaver called Kabiye

One of three women who have to save a settlement in the desert. Comic story titled Big Thirst.

But of course in this world “weavers” are capable of more than we’ve come to expect from textiles and knits. Due to the fusion of the AI with Nature, any human who can crack the code can perform miraculous feats with the materials and arts they master, because Nature herself is a new and different thing in this universe I call Oasis. The A.I. got the message when it searched for

Samsung2_small 1stave-00

There are pollens in what used to be Nepal, that, if inhaled would make you a mind-reader…

There are thunderheads in the skies over Malasia, from which falls not water, but something that heals the sick…

There are tales of sailors making pacts with sea creatures who speak to them in codes

eye modelling_2

There is a field of flowers in Nairobi which cannot be cut, but one touch gives any mammal that ingests it glauselalia. Survivors are reported to speak hundreds of languages they never heard.

There is a wetland where it is said the insects will chirp the sound of your name when you touch the water….

And everywhere, people are discovering new connections to the Natural environment.

They would be the first of the New Programmers of the code of Reality itself.

Wotw_Nova_conceptPlantweaver Weaver_FX_Vis_Dev


This story is full of action and we’ll learn a bit about the Weaving craft itself.



This story happens in Maasai country and it’s about the hard choices Boys are forced to make when claiming the mantle of an adult in their clan. Trial is a seven year old boy doting on warriors and hunters at all times. His brother Errhor is thirteen, ready and eager to be a “Man” in the eyes of his clan. Eager to have the warrior’s, noble courage, and bearing. Neither has any idea what they have to become to level up this way. How their hearts have to break in order to do what has to be done on the Hunt..

Together Trial and Errhor. sneak away to unexplored parts in search of a beast they can prove themselves warriors against. They will learn a great deal on their hunt, and be transformed by it.

Big_Playa copy

Next post will begin with Part 3 of this trilogy. See you then.



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